Meet Be-Rave

A RAVE as it was meant to BE
Starring the best dj’s in the scene combined with prodigies in the genre who will guide you to that state of mind that touches mind and soul.
With only one essential core-philosophy: our combined love for techno.

Let’s embark on a journey from city to city… from hall to club… from festival to your own inner space.

Join us for our maiden voyage at De Shop in Antwerp on Saturday October 6th with DJ RUSH, Fatima Hajji and Philip Lake
Co-hosted by ‘Staalhard’ and ‘Kelderdeuntjes’ with Robbertoo, Seba, Jens, Chumba, Bross! and Finest.

Bringing you only quality techno music all night long!
Be Rave that’s techno as it should be.

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Retro Rave is coming

From the people who bring you Beachland comes a retro gathering unlike any other. Prepare for a journey to the beginning… a party that will move heart and senses… a journey to the heart of house music!

Starring essential artists like Marusha (Somewhere over the Rainbow), DJ Ghost (Cherry Moon), Bonzai All Stars, Philip (La Rocca, Illusion), Bountyhunter (Bonzai) and many more.

Backstage (vinyl only) hosted by Oldschool Nostalgia Get your tickets now via and explore retro like never before...

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And the winner is...

This happy lady is the winner of our Beachland branded Ford Ka+ visitors could win on our 10th Anniversary edition this summer.

Thanks! It was awesome...

We would like to thank all of you for making our 10th Anniversary a weekend to remember!
An amazing crowd, perfect weather, a magnificent crew and dj-team... It was a perfect story! Written by you with love for music, each other and the beach.
Beachland will return next year with more fun, amazing things will come and will continue to provide you with memories to cherish for a long time...
Let's prepare for another 10 years - at least - and for now... let's share our new memories on social media and "infect" the people who weren't there to join us for the future.


Ps: a special thanks to the cities and inhabitants of Blankenberge and De Haan-Wenduine for making this possible.

And the winner is...

The winner is amongst us... But wasn't there on Sundaynight 23H with the mayor of Blankenberge and Robert Abigail announced the winner...
The Beachland-fan with Voucher 03108 wins the beautiful Beachland-branded Ford Ka+!

He/she has to send us an e-mail to with a picture of his/hers voucher WITHIN 2 WEEKS.

If the winner doesn't show up... the 1st runner up will win the car. If he/she doesn't show up the 2nd runner up will win. They will also need to send a picture of their vouchers by e-mail via



1st Runner-up: 39326 (if the winner collects the car, he/she will win a lifetime Beachland VIP treatment)

2nd Runner-up: 03648 (if the winner or the first runner up collects the car, he/she will win free entrance for life at Beachland)

Wasted Penguinz and Pat B classix set switch places... So wanna have a classix set come early!

• Tickets voor zaterdag zijn nog beschikbaar aan de kassa. Niet meer in voorverkoop.
• Tickets voor zondag kan u nog online kopen tot zondag 14u. en aan de kassa.
• VIP is uitverkocht

Enkele andere veelgevraagde vragen worden hier beantwoord:

- Rugzakken en tassen zijn toegelaten
- Zonnecrème is toegelaten (kleine en gewone verpakkingen)
- Deo sprays zijn NIET toegelaten, sticks wél.
- Er zijn lockers (rechts na de inkom)
- Er zullen nog tickets aan de inkom zijn (indien we niet uitverkopen)VIP-tickets zijn uitverkocht.
- U kan geld afhalen met Bancontact / VISA / Mastercard op Beachland
- Sigaretten kan u op het terrein kopen
- U mag het terrein verlaten en daarna kan u het terrein opnieuw betreden zonder opnieuw inkom te moeten betalen
- We hebben ook een superinteressante website waar u alle info kan vinden:

Important info

Traditioneel sturen we bij start van het festival belangrijke info uit namens de Lokale Politie Blankenberge/Zuienkerke:

Voor en tijdens Beachland 2018 communiceren wij via Facebook en Twitter (#Beachland18) @PZBlankenberge. U kan er ook altijd met uw vragen terecht.

Pat B is melting "thanks to" this hot weather. This results in this f***ing shout out! Let's head for the beach!
Remember... ladies: bring a bikini... Boys, bring Pat B a cold beer please!

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