Important Rules ENG

Important information when buying an admission ticket for Beachland.

  • Your admission ticket is only valid on 06/07/2019 or 07/07/2019 or both days in case of a combi ticket. The admission ticket is valid for 1 entry to Beachland festival site. This ticket cannot be exchanged or refunded.
  • When entering the festival site the admission ticket must be handed over for validity check.
  • Entering this event implies a possible pat down.
  • The holder of an admission ticket attends this event at his/her own risk and exempts the organization of any liability. The holder of an admission ticket agrees to follow every guideline instructed by the organizer regarding public order and safety during the event.
  • Beachland is located on the beach. We ask all visitors to keep the site as clean as possible and not to enter the adjacent dunes.
  • We advise everyone to use public transport to come to the festival (whether or not combined with the extended camping, hotel and youth hostel options in Blankenberge and the rest of the coast). There are sufficient parking spaces at the borders of the coastal cities and in proximity of the coastal tram. There is a tram stop just in front of the event. (Wenduine-Harendijke). The train station of Blankenberge is situated approximately 1.5 km from the festival.
  • It is prohibited to distribute flyers or to put up posters during the event. No flyers on the street or on the festival site. If you wish to promote your event, please check our promotion options.
  • Digital photo cameras and/or video cameras are allowed on the festival site, with exception of (semi) professional equipment. This equipment is only allowed with a press accreditation.
  • Not allowed on the festival site: animals, glass, bottles, drugs, own food and drinks, weapons or sharp objects (that could be used as a weapon), all other dangerous objects, making fire or urinating.
  • The organization retains the right to deny access to people or remove visitors from the festival site if they do not comply with the above mentioned rules.
  • Upon receipt of the admission ticket, the holder automatically consents to being photographed and/or filmed during the event. The organizer may use these digital images for promotional purposes for Beachland. Photographs or films made or taken at Beachland cannot be used for commercial or public purposes, except with written permission from the organizer.
  • The organization can be forced to change the program and/or timetable. In that case the admission ticket remains valid and cannot be exchanged or refunded.
  • The personal data eventually received when purchasing admission tickets, can be used for promotional purposes. All personal data in these files are in conformity of the law of 08/12/1992 regarding the protection of privacy.
  • Counterfeiting of an admission ticket will always be prosecuted.

The last days before and during the whole festival weekend, the police will answer your questions and inform you through Facebook, Twitter or their website.

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