Illusion vs Club System

In 1992, age 18, he began working as a dj on parties and clubs and after 4 years he became a professional dj. At that time he played in big clubs such as Illusion (on Friday), Bizar/Obsession (on Saturday) and Carat (on Sunday and Monday). Trance was the first style of music that captivated him.
In 1998 he also started to produce and by the end of that year he made his first record. The end of the 90's was also the beginning of a new sound for him: House music.

In 2013, he also started producing and playing Deep House, under the name Andersson and Delaru with his good friend Dj Philip.

In 2019 Jean Delaru plays House, deep house, tech-house and classics (both retro and groove classics).

 Jean Delaru has played and is still playing in Belgium's biggest clubs, greatest parties and festivals and he is the (co)organizer of both the Carat Reunion events and Bar.a.Bar.

Jean Delaru
Illusion vs Club System
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