Illusion vs Club System

Patrick Fasseau alias The Mackenzie was born on 8th July 1960. At 13 years old he started as DJ in the discotheque of his dad " Mackenzie Club " where he will stay as a resident for 37 years.

In 1980 he opens his first vinyl shop in Brussel and 4 years later he takes over USA import (also in Brussel). He meets such famous dj's as Marko , Eric B. , Phi Phi... (sorry for others).

He meets Patrick Degraeve and they decide to produce some tracks under the name "The Mackenzie"
They release some tracks as "EMF" , "Chicago trip" , "Cyclotron" and their first HIT was "Higher in the sky".
He stops the shop in 1993 and opens his own discotheque "The Heaven"
He associates with Stephane Akenan and start producing tracks together. He meets the singer Jessy and records "I am free" , big succes in discotheques (especially At The Villa with Marko and Vince)
Then he produces "Arpegia" which was also a big success and then comes, "innocence" which was number 1 and GOLD record , and it stays 54 weeks in the Belgian hit parade.
In 1998 they release the album "Angel" which is immediately number 1 on charts. It is the 1st time that a "dance album" is number one.
They receive a lot of  TMF awards like best album, best dance act and best single with "Innocence"
He starks playing all over Europe (Germany , Holland , France , Ibiza (at privilege on sunday for Mark's attack) and in Belgium at Balmoral , Extreme , La Bush , Fuse , La Rocca and many more...)
They produce artists as "Virtual Zone" , "CM" , "Kalpa" , "DJ Marko" , "Mauro Crisci" , "Stephano Marino" , "DJ Deraven" etc...

In 2004 he quits making music and buys a bar "Chouette est la vie" and a restaurant "Kom à la maison"

After a few years Quincy (the organizer of "Age Of Love" parties ) contacts him to play at "Vooruit" , "Charlatan" , "Tomorrowland" , "Age Of Love" and many more.

He also joins with Dave Kane for the "Club System Reunions". 

"Maybe I'm worst dj you ever heard , the oldest you ever saw, but you're gonna like my music... 'cause music is the essence of life."
The Mackenzie

The Mackenzie
Illusion vs Club System
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