Kick Da Bass-X: Hard Classix

While regularly following Binum's sessions for the "Global Party Live" on a radio station in 2001, Arnaud Baillehache, that's Chicago Zone's real name, draws inspiration from these great live moments to become a DJ and composer. A year later, he bought his first PC and with a low budget program, he went to create a name that will reveal: CHICAGO ZONE.

His first EP "Jealousy & Mystery", on which we find the cult-track "Jo-Yo", was released in May 2003 on the RECORDS MANIA-labe and was supported by Fred (his producer who will support him throughout his career at RECORDS MANIA) and by Binum.
With his 2nd EP "Control Your Body" Dutch well know dj's start to notice him... Dj's like Darkraver, Dana, Zany, Bad Boyz ... 

Two other tracks "The Theme From Chicago Zone", and that "Demoniak" followed and then there was a first collaboration with Dj Fox "Eternal Bliss" for the trilogy of "Melody's" (Just / Again's / Final).

By the end of 2005, Chicago Zone released his 5th solo EP "Private Projection" with tracks like "Story of R2" (a huge hit in the clubs and still played today). His name is by now a huge Jumpstyle-name which results in a lot of club bookings: The Bush, The Return, Complex, The Springboard, Kes West, The Oh !, The Lambo, Cap'tain, Zalinaz ...
Many events follow such as REVERZE (2006-2009), DEFQON 1 (2007), BASSLEADER (2007-2008), DECIBEL (2008-2009), Q-BASE (2007-2008), TOMMOROWLAND (2007 and 2009) ...

While playing he meets a lot with other dj's and composers: Lobotomy Inc., Dave Decks, Coone, E-Max, Fred Baker Aka DJ Ba-Back, Dj Hs, Ruthless, Darkraver, Bas (The Rebel), Lethal MG ...
RONALD V is also one of these guys. They will share a superb collaboration including the legendary "KOJ" the anthem of the label "Kings of Jump" and the anthem of "Bassleader".
With ELECTROSTAN he made 3 series of "Reactor" and "Sector".

The same year, CHICAGO ZONE create the anthem of a Wallon event well known jumpers: the "2 REACTIONS" (You're style is 2 reactions) and the Jump cover of Samuel Barber's famous classical masterpiece: "Adagio For Strings".

In 2009, more BIG releases: the 3 vinyl-release "Just For You" (with collaborations by WORDENZ, LADYBOY, RONALD V, Q-IC & SYNAP 6) and the CD-release "My Definition of Jump" (Bringing "Just for You" and the best of his revisited workt).

In 2010, he performs at BABAORUM RECORDS "Another Break In My Heart" and a co-operation with BINUM "New Born". "Love Is" will be released later that year on Kytezo, a label on which he wants to start a new project.

This new project is a 2nd Album "My Life, My Music" coming out in October 2011 including new collaborations with Gave, Ronald V, Ladyboy, Binum, Alex Ostyn, Karl F, V-Beatz, Lethal MG and Myfa with the exceptional participation of Max singers from the "Starvage" group, Mylène Seignez and Mc Cortez.

Since then CHICAGO ZONE keeps on going strong, thanks to the support of his fans all over Europe... Belgian, Spanish, Dutch or French.
In 2014 he officially stops producing new music. But he continues to recall his DJ- and producing memories on Retro events for the Jump-fans but also... for those who want to discover it...

Chicago Zone
Kick Da Bass-X: Hard Classix
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