Kick Da Bass-X: Hard Classix

Danger Hardcore Team is a Belgian (Happy) Hardcore formation started by DJ Bass , MC Jerky & friends. Since 1995 they have toured the hard dance world with their famous crazy live act.
With their classic songs in new remixes they are still making thousands of people dance on the festivals all over the world! " Alone " , " Jumpin'Time " , "Uninvited" , a few of the classics by Danger Hardcore Team.

Danger Hardcore Team live is a 30 minute, full energy show , with lots of ground thundering party hits and a lot of gadgets! Still performing on all the biggest festivals Danger Hardcore Team is one of the only hard live acts from the old days available. Thunderdome , Hellraiser , Mega-rave , Project Hardcore , Club X... They have seen it all!

D.H.T. (Live)
Kick Da Bass-X: Hard Classix
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