Kick Da Bass-X: Hard Classix

Beachland and Kick da Bass are proud to present this living legend. Our concept Kick Da Bass kicked off years ago with this awesome DJ... His unforgettable tracks were the foundations of a hype thousands op people became to love...
Check his live act on Beachland this year and be amazed by Greg C!

DJ, producer, label manager and publisher Grégory Cousin from France.
Active in the scene for more than 20 Years and counting! Greg C is considered as the king of JUMP style! 

Behind the decks Greg C never fails to deliver: his exceptional technical skills, variety of music and that added personal touch make him stand out.

With performances at Love Parade, Tomorrowland, Nature One, In Qontrol, Defqon1, City Parade, Reverze, Decibel Outdoor, Q-Base, Sensation Black, Q-BASE, Defqon, Bassleader, Laundry Day, The Qontinent, ... and the best and biggest clubs out there.

Kick Da Bass-X: Hard Classix
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