Kick Da Bass-X: Hard Classix

DJ Tone is rightly known as a veteran of the dance scene, with over ten years of experience at the turntables. Toon DC , who lives a stone's throw from Antwerp , the city of lights, is currently a fulltime DJ/producer

He started his career in the Trance world, working between times with techno and trance, and played under various aliases in the biggest clubs. For the last few years, he has been concentrating on house and electro. The former member of Main mix studio has been producing for the MMS label for many years, under a variety of pseudonyms. "The ambience of the house scene is great, with enthusiastic and varied audiences.  House is a broad movement which I get a lot out of. However, I'm not afraid of incorporating techno, hardtrance and oldschool into my sets. The audience appreciates it if a DJ plays a variety of styles, rather than just hammering away in the same tone." The former chef was infected with the dance bug and started work at the beginning of 98 in BBC dancepolis

After that time, Tone was regularly to be found in local clubs like the stars , the lambo and the return, and at big nasty jump parties. In the meantime, Tone has played in such countries as Italy , Spain , Germany and France .. It was a challenge for me to get involved in it straight away." Innovation and progress are two key words in Tone's career. 

Already on his first steps towards producing - under the name of B-maxx - he tried to develop a distinctive sound. From 2001, Tone made a series of EP's and remixes for Dj gene pole and his label. "Belgium has always put its stamp on the international dance scene and we must keep up this role of trendsetter. So producers and DJ's must always try to achieve progress and avoid repeating themselves. Only then can movements and scenes develop.”

Kick Da Bass-X: Hard Classix
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