This is 90's

Da Rick - the DJ / artist name of Flor Theeuwes has been making people JUMP from all over the world for 20 years! You probably know him from one of his crazy performances and releases together with Da Boy Tommy from the 90s and 00s. With their hits: Halloween, Candyman, Kol Nedra, Attention and Rumble they set the whole world on fire.
Da Boy Tommy died in 2013 of the consequences of a traffic accident. A very tragic moment and a big loss for the Belgian dance scene. But as the saying goes 'the show must go on'... Da Rick goes further and keeps the honor of Da Boy Tommy high in every DJ set!

Da Rick's DJ style is Freestyle with PARTY influences from the 90s, Jump, Harddance and even Rock and happy-hardcore. As long as it is party and ambiance !!

Flor is also known as MC JERKY from Danger Hardcore Team, Club X and the Belgian Thunderdome parties. He is still active as MC during his own DJ sets, as a live act or as a party host. In 2005 Flor and singer Edmée Daenen had a worldwide breakthrough with 'Listen to your heart', a remake of the 80's classic by Roxette. As producer and performer of 'DHT featuring Edmee' she achieved the top 10 in the USA Billboard HOT 100 as well as big top 10 hits in: France, UK, Australia and Japan. 

Da Rick's new freestyle party releases: "Banaan (Remix)", "ik ga vandaag naar de klote" and "Pushing the buttons."

References: Known from: Da Rick & Da Boy Tommy, Jumper records, DHT Rumble, Attention, Halloween, Candyman, Kol Nedra, Banana (RMX) 'Listen to your heart' USA Billboard HOT 100: # 8 Festivals: Summerfestival, Laundry Day , the Qontinent, Defqon 1, Decibel, Pussylounge, Reverze, Thunderdome, I love the 90s

Da Rick
This is 90's
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