Top Radio Main Stage - Saturday

Ever since I was a kid, I've been interested in music. When I was 11, I bought my first stereo and about a year later I purchased my very first mixer and from then on, I spent my evenings playing music in my room, trying to mix one record after the other. The sense for rhythm was already there, and I pointed my speakers outside and played music for the entire neighborhood... Coincidentally, one of my neighbors worked at a local radio station. He invited me to come to the studio with him. Just a few months after that, I had my own radio show at the age of 12!

My deejay career really started when some family members asked me to play at their parties. The technique wasn't all that yet, but I managed to play the right songs at the right time... Next, some friends at school asked me for their 18th birthday parties, and before I knew it, I had some regular gigs. It really turned professional when I started to deejay at a bar. I had been working there as a waiter, so every weekend I had the opportunity to see and hear the deejays play their set. Later that year, I finally got the chance of playing there myself. From then on, the ball started rolling. The bookings kept coming in, the parties got bigger...

I've never let go of my other passion: radio. When I was 23, I had the chance of hosting a show on Topradio and I still work there today! Later on, I also started to produce my own music. And at the studio, I can really let my ideas flow :-)

So, that was a little bit of my life. So far I've been blessed and hopefully, big things are still to come... A BIG shout out to the people who supported me and believed in me! THANK YOU!

Top Radio Main Stage - Saturday
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