On our Real Retro House stage: TONE

DJ Tone is rightly known as a veteran of the dance scene, with over ten years of experience at the turntables. Toon DC , who lives a stone's throw from Antwerp , the city of lights, is currently a fulltime DJ/producer. He started his career in the Trance world, working between times with techno and trance, and played under various aliases in the biggest clubs.

MC Chucky – Hard By Nature present: Dark-E

Next to all harder styles, we couldn’t neglect the classics lovers. The music that shaped us, that made us the addicts we are today… Re-live those magical moments from the past during the classic set of Dark-E and enjoy this journey through time at our Hard By Nature stage at Beachland.

To play on our Illusion at the Beach stage: JEAN DELARU

In 1992, age 18, he began working as a mobile dj and after 4 years he became a professional dj. At that time he played in the clubs : Illusion on Friday, Bizar (Obsession) on Saturday and Carat on Sunday and Monday. Trance was the first music that captivated him. In 1998 he also started to produce and at the end of the year he made his first record. The end of the 90’s was also the beginning of a new sound for him. House music.

In 2013, he also started to produce Deep House, under the name Andersson and Delaru with his good friend Dj Philip
At the moment he plays house, deep house, tech-house.
Jean Delaru has played and is still playing in Belgian biggest clubs, greatest parties and festivals


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Beachland 2015

Saturday 11 & Sunday 12 july, Blankenberge Beach