Last stage added: Top Radio's Main Stage

The last stage we're announcing is the Main Stage: together with TOPradio we're popping the champagne and we'll be going from the left to the right on Top Radio's MAIN STAGE. Off course we'll be adding a lot of big names and acts to make it a one of a kind Beachland experience!

New partner:

Starting this year we have a new partner to easily book your stay for Beachland...

Via this link on our website, you are right at the spot to book your weekend Beachland

Join us: Beachland Festival 2019
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Our presale waves

Presale waves are going very very fast... With this visual you can check how much you saved by buying early and how much you can still save by buying now... in Wave 3.
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Wave 2 sold out. Time for the 3rd ticketwave!

Tickets are going fast. Ticketwave 2 is sold out... 
Tickets in wave 3 are online NOW!
Buy now and still save money!

Beachland welcomes MC Chucky's Hard by Nature concept

Beachland renews its cooperation with MC Chucky's Hard by Nature concept!
On Sunday he and his guests will provide you with the best hard music... With only the best dj's!
Join us Beachland Festival 2019
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Techno-stage at Beachland

BIG News! We're adding an EXTRA stage... Something new to Beachland. You might have noticed posts about the concept, the style, the music in the past couple of months... But now it's finally official! Be Rave and TECHNO are coming to Beachland Festival 2019! 2 DAYS! Tickets and more info:

Illusion at the Beach with Club System and Legendary Pava Reunion

Today we announced something new... But there are also some things that will never change: Illusion is proud to return to the Beach at Beachland Festival 2019 and we're presenting 2 days of RETRO-madness! On Saturday we're teaming up with Club System Reunion and on Sunday Legendary Pava Reunion will be our parter in retro! Join us and score your tickets now... (for a reduced price in Wave 2)

Big Beachland-discounts for SunParks

Have you thought about spending the Beachland Festival 2019-weekend at a holiday resort?  Here's the special Beachland DISCOUNT-link for your Sunparks bookings:

Sunparks De Haan is a village holiday resort only 6km from our festival site.

Comfortable holiday cottages with a private garden, a subtropical swimming paradise, indoor and outdoor activities, ... Enjoy the special Beachland-discounts and make your Beachland-experience a Subtropical XL-week(end)!  The special Beachland link for your Sunparks bookings:

Sunparks De Haan aan zee Wenduinesteenweg 150 8420 De Haan België Tel: +32 (0)50 42 95 96

Ticketwave 2 is at 95%

Ticketwave #2 is at 95%...
Get your tickets now before the early bird deals end... Pay less when buying early!
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The Level, Insomnia Nights and Magic join forces

The Level, Insomnia Nights and Magic join forces to bring you the best groove classics stage EVER!
On Sunday we'll relive the beauty and the summer feeling provided by this music. Happy faces everywhere!
Join the happiness! Join Beachland Festival 2019
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Ticket WAVE #1 sold out! Wave #2 Online now

Wave 1 is SOLD OUT! WAVE 2 is online now... Check for tickets and more info

Check the event: Beachland Festival 2019

This is 90's is Back!

This Is 90s, one of the hottest 90's concepts in Belgium, will be returning to BEACHLAND Festival on Saturday. Be prepared for 90's madness with the best acts & dj's... More info coming soon!

Join us at Beachland Festival 2019
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